LPP Student Showcase

Ahmed Ali
Class of 2019
Accomplishments: Graduated 3rd in his class with a Cumulative GPA of 95. He has also achieved all certification needed for an EMT.
Future Plans: He plans to be an EMT while also attending OCC. He is moving closer to his goal of becoming a Dentist.

Sahra Maow
Accomplishments: Finished her Junior year ranked first in her class, receiving Honor Roll every marking period!

Shabman Shams
Class of 2019
Accomplishments: Graduated in the top 10 of her class!
Future Plans: She is looking forward to attending OCC where she plans to begin her path in becoming a Dentist.

Tanyra Young
Accomplishments: Steady and extremely hard working Tanyra has made Honor Roll throughout her entire High School career, and all with a smile on her face!
Future Plans: She looks forward to starting her summer job and Junior year in the Fall.

Maria Phillips
Class of 2019
Accomplishments: Graduated after taking on a few college level courses.
Future Plans: She is excited to attend Buffalo State College and is interested in pursuing Bio-Research.

Bebak Dahal
Accomplishments: Finished his Junior year ranked second in his class. He recently received a 98 on his US History Regents Exam…a near perfect score!

Furaha Nyirarugendo
Accomplishments: She continuously made Honor Roll all throughout her Junior Year.
Future Plans: She has a busy summer coming up with starting her first job and has a large roll in helping her mom take care of their family.

Ashley Yang
Accomplishments: Received a 98 on her Global Regents Exam in 2019!
Future Plans: She is a dedicated sophomore who is tackling a variety of upper level classes to keep ahead of the game.

Alexia Cox
Accomplishments: Her strong independence and perseverance successfully led her through Junior year. She balances work and school while maintaining a class load that includes college preparation classes.

Munira Mohamed
Accomplishments: She continued to stay ahead in her education and challenge herself by taking upper level Chemistry and Math classes throughout her Sophomore year.