McNair Alumni

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Kwasi Gilbert, ‘09, ‘11
Ph.D. student, Earth and Planetary Sciences, UC Santa Cruz
MS, Geoscience, Syracuse University

Tagbo Niepa, Ph.D, ‘09
Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh, Swanson School of Engineering
Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Syracuse University, ‘14
Post-doc Fellow, University of Pennsylvania

Thomas Stewart, Ph.D., 09
Post-doc researcher, Yale University
Ph.D., Organismal Biology & Anatomy, University of Chicago

Tasha Brown, Ph.D., ‘10
Post-doc Fellowship in Clinical Psychology
Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, DePaul University

Janan Wyatt, ‘11
Accepted post-doc position, Yale University, Psychiatry
Ph.D. candidate, Clinical Psychology, U. of Rhode Island

Vivian Yaci Yu, ‘12
Ph.D. student, Biochemistry, UC Berkeley

Kemardo Henry, ‘13
Ph.D. student, Microbiology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Lindsay Woodson, ‘13
Master in Design Studies, Risk and Resilience
Master in Urban Planning, Harvard Graduate School of Design

Camilla Bell,’14
Ph.D. candidate, Cultural Foundations, Syracuse University

CaSaundra Bush, ‘14
MPH, Epidemiology, Columbia University

Kris Murray, ‘15
Ph.D. student, Integrated Biomedical Sciences with a focus in Biophysics and Structural Biology, Notre Dame University
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Natalie Rebeyev, ‘15
Ph.D. student, Medical Science and Immunology,
Cambridge Institute for Medical Research
Gates Cambridge Scholar

Brandon Carlos, ‘16
Ph.D. student Clinical Psychology, University of Houston

Rachel Correll, ‘16
Ph.D. student, Environmental Sciences, Louisiana State University,

Alexis Pena, ‘16
Ph.D. student, Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University

Lan Pham, ‘16
Ph.D. student, Mechanical Engineering on a Robotics Track, University of Utah,

Monica Setien-Grafals, ’16
Ph.D. student, Bioengineering, Michigan State University,

Carolee Lantigua, ‘17
M.P.A student, Syracuse University, Public Administration

Jose Marrero-Rosado, ‘17
Ph.D. student, Anthropology, UC Berkeley
US Environmental Protection Agency GRO Fellow

Christiane Voufo, ‘17
Ph.D. student, Neuroscience, UC Berke