CSTEP Programs & Opportunities

CSTEP wants you to succeed both in and out of the classroom. We can serve as a resource for information on the latest research, internship and job opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. CSTEP students are eligible to attend the Annual Statewide CSTEP Student Conference, where students from all over NYS gather to present and showcase their research, attend professional development and academic workshops, attend a graduate school and career fair, and network with their peers. They are also eligible to attend CSTEP sponsored graduate school tours where we take groups of our scholars to a variety of graduate/medical/law schools, providing them with interview and ‘resume’ preparation prior to the tour and assistance throughout the graduate preparation process.

Value-Added Opportunities

  • SUccess Series: CSTEP’s holistic approach equips first-year students for a positive SU experience. The SUccess Series offers free seminars that are designed to give students an early academic edge. During these seminars, faculty, administrators and students lead group discussions that promote academic excellence and personal development.
  • Peer Led Team Learning: CSTEP students can engage in supplemental learning sessions that strengthen their conceptual understanding of rigorous courses such as organic chemistry. With the assistance of a CSTEP peer leader, faculty and learning specialists, students work together using interactive activities that reinforce key components of course content.
  • Gateway Program: Designed for CSTEP pre-health students, Gateway offers step-by-step strategies to prepare students for careers in health. Gateway students take part in presentations, tours, research and clinical opportunities that expose them to the skills necessary for acceptance and academic achievement in post baccalaureate study in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and other health related fields.

ARISE Academy

The Academic Research and Internship for Scholarly Excellence (ARISE) is a hallmark of the CSTEP program, designed to facilitate the integration of theoretical and practical perspectives in addressing global issues through interdisciplinary research/internships.

ARISE Academy is a 12-month institute designed to facilitate the integration of theory and practice through cross-disciplinary research and internship experiences for participating CSTEP scholars. Field placements around the world provide the opportunity for scholars to engage faculty, alumni, and corporate/community partners in collaborative analysis of domestic and global problems. ARISE scholars are charged with formulating their research/internship experiences in science, technology, engineering, and pre-licensure fields into articles. Field placements around the world will provide the opportunity for scholars to engage faculty, alumni, parents, and corporate and community partners in collaborative analysis of local, national, and international issues. ARISE scholars are provided with a stipend as part of their participation in the academy. The stipend covers basic expenses, enrichment activities, and travel assistance.