Eligibility & Applying to HEOP

Eligibility Guidelines

  • Must be a New York State permanent resident.
  • Freshman students:
    • Must be first-time college students.
    • Must have graduated from high school or have earned a GED or a vocational diploma.
    • Must meet the economic guidelines for freshman eligibility (See guidelines below).
  • Transfer students:
    • Must have prior participation (and status verification) in a HEOP, EOP, SEEK or College Discovery program at your previous college.
    • Must meet the admission requirement for the program you are applying to at Syracuse University.
  • You should apply to Syracuse University during the “Regular Decision Plan” with an application deadline of January 1 to start in the fall of that year.

Economic Guidelines

Economic eligibility is based on state-mandated, low-income guidelines which can be viewed on the Syracuse University Admissions website. Applicants will automatically meet economic eligibility (with documentation) if:

  • A family is receiving AFDC
  • The student is living with foster parents
  • The student is a ward of the state or county.

How to apply for HEOP at Syracuse University

There is no separate application for Syracuse University’s HEOP Program! All students must complete:

You would be notified of your “conditional acceptance” to SU through HEOP pending economic qualification. This requires an evaluation of your family’s financial documentation. Once this process is complete, and if all of the required documentation has been collected, you will be notified of a final admission decision between mid-March and April 15 for a start in the fall of that year. Both academic and financial guidelines must be met in order to be admitted through HEOP.

Transfer students can only come through other HEOP, EOP, or SEEK programs. If you are not registered through one of these programs as a first time college student you are not qualified to transfer into HEOP.

Get More Information on HEOP

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