Eligibility & Applying to SSS

Eligibility Guidelines

Students are eligible if:

  • Their family meets federal income eligibility guidelines (family’s taxable income for the previous year did not exceed 150% of the federal poverty level limit)
  • They are a first-generation college student OR student with disabilities evidencing academic need.
    High school counselors, in their recommendations, can request consideration for SSS eligibility for applications they deem appropriate.

How to apply for SSS at Syracuse University

There is no separate SSS application for Syracuse University’s SSS Program! However for consideration, all students must complete:

You would be notified of your “conditional acceptance” to SSS pending economic qualification approximately two weeks after your admission. This requires an evaluation of your family’s financial documentation. Once this process is complete, and if all of the required documentation has been collected, you will be notified of a final decision in April.

Get More Information on SSS

If you are interested in SSS or know someone who is interested in SSS, please fill out the appropriate form below: