About LPP

LLP is an immersive program that allows staff to work onsite at partnering schools to offer services directly to students to help them successfully graduate from high school. The Program was established in 1988 through the New York State Education Department to support students in their ability to graduate and explore their post-graduation options. Syracuse University is one of more than 40 colleges and universities across the state that host LPP sites.


LPP provides resources and support tailored to the individual needs of participating students, with a focus on helping them overcome barriers and achieve academic and personal success. All services are offered in a safe space and help students identify and reach their academic, social, and emotional goals.


We strive to be a premier program that is integrated into the success of every eligible school within our district. We will work to ensure that each student’s strengths and individual successes are celebrated and supported, so they feel valued as members of the LLP community.

Who We Serve


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Syracuse City School District

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