Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP)

The Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP) provides academic support services and enrichment activities to students in grades 7-12 in Syracuse and surrounding communities. STEP Program activities takes place on Saturdays on Syracuse University’s campus from October to May of each year. Programming parallels and reinforces coursework found in the conventional academic setting. Students will spend the academic year learning about computers, math, science, language arts and culture in addition preparation for SATs and New York State standardized exams. Academic instructors consist of administrators and staff members from Syracuse University. Graduate and undergraduate students pursuing degrees in the scientific, technical and health- related field also serve as instructors. Undergraduate and graduate students work as tutors during the academic year.

Eligibility & Applying

New students and families should download, complete, and submit the application form. STEP will send application forms to returning students. Applications for each year are due back in September. Applications are accepted until all program slots have been filled. Students can participate in Syracuse STEP and still be involved in LPP, Gear-Up, Say Yes and other school activities. However, they cannot be involved in Upward Bound, LeMoyne College STEP, or any program that conflicts with STEP Saturday Learning Academy.

Or download the PDF application to submit by mail, email, or fax:

419 Sims Hall
130 College Place
Syracuse, NY 13244
phone: 315.443.9171
fax: 315.443.5683