STEP Alumni & Student Accomplishments


This year is the 30th anniversary of STEP at Syracuse University! We are especially interested in connecting with program alumni as we plan our year-end anniversary event. Please complete our Alumni Information form and we will be in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

Student Accomplishments

Olympics of the Mind is a STEP recognition program for scholars with a Math, Science, and English (MSE) average of 80% or above. Bronze club members have an MSE Average of 80% – 89.99%. Silver club members have an MSE Average of 90% – 94.99%. Gold club members have an MSE Average of 95% – 100%!

Gold Club

  • Tahirah Abdul-Qadir
  • Ibrahim Abdul-Qadir
  • Natalia Amado
  • Sheldon Birthwright
  • Oneisha Colon
  • Zaleya Derby
  • Nela Loftin
  • Elijah Newsome
  • Heidi Pauta
  • Kaden Smallwood

Silver Club

  • Kamdin Bembry
  • Kiyara Bembry
  • Myah Jones
  • Jonathan Murphy
  • Isabella Perkins
  • Ashley Scott

Bronze Club

  • Rashid Clark
  • Noelle Davis
  • Olivia Davis
  • Owen Fulmer El
  • Hizharria Harper
  • Tisharria Harper
  • Symone Johnson
  • Rory Poole
  • Justin Rhoden 
  • Jaden Sistrunk